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Jan 27, 2013 6:00pm EST
the republican party and conservatives have been a little bet slow to define themselves and to let others define us. one of the things we found in our book is pop culture isn't completely dominated by the left. there are a lot of conservative undertones throughout pop culture. you know, there are media outlets like fox news that tend to be more conservatives. but i think generally because there is a little bit more, at least a little bit more domination by the left throughout hollywood, throughout the media, and throughout academia i think that it's a little bit for the left to define the right in disinformation's forces. starting that is mostly a matter of better p.r. and prodding out people and spokespeople who have broader appeal. there is no question that there are certain republicans and conservatives who have done a significant damage to the party, but i feel that they said and policies they tried to implement certainly the last republican congress is between 2,006 hadn't done much to further the reputation in the party but it's a matter of better blending and better p.r. petraeus connect
Jan 19, 2013 10:00pm EST
's book and you turned it down? .. >> people were telling me she has papers under her bet, in her house. part of what i tell is a gradual process by which i gained access to those materials. >> host: how did you do that? >> guest: it took time. >> host: they were valuable. >> guest: that was part of it. when the bill -- the young guest. i am sari. the youngest son decided he wanted to bring them all together and put them up for auction. at that point* the question became what will happen with the papers in the home? then i would go through the materials. they were extremely rich opening a whole new dimension about martin the third king but dealing with his life as a minister. you could find out what he was thinking about putting together his sermons, and his library, when he was reading, in the basement of ago through his materials, handwritten notes. >> host: was it in longhand? >> guest: yes. for example, i have a yellow pad that he wrote out the draft of the speech of the nobel peace prize. when i first saw that, my heart stopped because first of all, who have a sense the last person
Jan 1, 2013 11:00pm EST
mixed i have to say. >> host: in terms of betting successfully? >> guest: some of the things he let slip through unfortunately that good or bad he has taken the fall for the responsibility for. so i say mentioned, richard nixon had come on in to the presidency with a commitment to appoint conservative southerners to the core. i was one of his campaign promises, hard for us to even think about this today, but nixon was a complex guy in his own right. so rehnquist are in the department of justice is now supposed to be helping them find these guys in the very first two vacancies, first to nominees they go up to the court archon enhanced word and harold carswell, both of whom failed to get -- to be confirmed. rehnquist take the fall for that because he invited them both and professed unqualified and then i got hammered during the hearings. so by the time another vacancy comes up, cynics and his giddiness amazing confluence of four vacancies in his first term, pretty amazing. they're also coming up at the same time. too early in his presidency and two more with hugo black and john marlin. wit
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3